During the current epidemic, we must wear masks when we go out and take self-protection measures. The daily consumption of masks is far greater than the supply, making masks a popular item. This criminal took the opportunity to sell inferior masks for profit, so how do we distinguish the quality of masks? Today kaen Medical Devices equipment  teaches you a trick to identify the quality of masks in seconds.

   We can distinguish the quality of the mask through a small electrostatic adsorption test without destroying the structure of the mask.

  Experts said that the inspection method is very simple, just put the mask on top of the scraps of paper, if it is a qualified mask, it will absorb some of the scraps. If there is no mask with meltblown cloth, putting it on top of the scraps of paper will not absorb the scraps of paper, which indicates that the mask has no electrostatic adsorption performance, so this type of mask cannot have a protective effect.

White Disposable Mask manufacturer teaches you a trick to identify mask quality in seconds
  Experts pointed out that the identification method of this mask can only be used for preliminary identification, and the specific quality and index identification also require inspection personnel and equipment from professional institutions for inspection.

   In addition, whether it is disposable medical surgical masks or ordinary medical masks, they can meet the needs of ordinary people in most scenarios, and they are generally sold in packages. The authenticity of these two types of masks can be found on the official website of the State Drug Administration.