Silicone products manufacturers mainly use silicone rubber as raw materials to produce silicone products. Silicone products manufacturers can also be called: silicone manufacturer, silicone product company and other different names, and many other industries need to find related silicone products when looking for related silicone products. Are there a lot of concerns about customizing some silicone products or silicone gifts by a silicone product factory?

  1. Can the delivery be on time: It is estimated that this is a "common problem" of purchasers, including the Kaen Disposable face mask manufacturer, and those who purchase certain things will also worry about it. But after long-term cooperation, now I don’t worry about delivery.
  2. Quality is not good: Quality is the primary task of a factory or company. Our company can do very well in quality. Quality inspection can be divided into four major points:

Quality inspection process:

1.IQC: Quality control of incoming materials, quality confirmation of purchased silicone raw materials and molds

2.IPQC: Process quality control, quality control of the product from production to packaging, and inspection at any time.

3.OQC: Shipment quality control, comprehensive inspection and confirmation of products, to ensure that the customer receives the goods and the agreed content is consistent

4.FQC: Final quality control, after the product completes all processes or procedures, the product quality status is inspected

And after a long time of quality management and production, we have already obtained the quality certification ISO9001

  1. Will it be pitted when purchasing silicone products for the first time: As the saying goes, even if it’s pitted, I can only pit it once, so there is definitely no chance for the next cooperation!
  2. Can it be done if the structure is complicated: This problem requires a long time experience of a silicone product factory to judge the structure. Of course, there are many smaller factories that have a complicated structure.
  3. Only samples without graphics files: don't worry about this, now the reverse thinking is very mature, you can get the original graphics files of the samples through drawing and design.
  4. There is only one idea without samples and drawings: this is a test of people's patience and technology. Many silicone product factories are relatively lacking in this aspect. First of all, they are busy in production and have no time to listen to customers' ideas. I don’t know how to take pictures of this idea when I listen to it.
    7. This silicone product needs to be kept secret: many products now need to be kept secret, mainly because the imitation is too strong and wastes the designer's painstaking efforts and the financial resources of the guests.
  5. Multiple processes to complete a product: The current production of silicone products is mainly flat vulcanization, liquid injection, dripping, low-temperature vulcanization, and hot runners. Although our company cannot have all of these equipment, the technology is What can be said is that the quality of suppliers will not be problematic because they do not understand.
  6. Do you have a small number of orders? In terms of business, no one can say that they are all large orders. When they encounter small orders, many larger Medical Devices equipment companies are unwilling to do it. Even if they agree to do it, they will be dragged down. Adverse reactions.
  7. Do you provide a one-stop customized processing service: Now it’s not that the pace of life is fast, even the bosses of major companies are very busy every day, and I hope to save time as much as possible in terms of related assembly parts. Time is money. For example, if a product has several parts of materials, it is a one-stop shop to help you assemble all of them and directly make the finished product more convenient. This requires technical support and manual addition to complete these tasks in one stop!