The White Disposable Mask manufacturer according to the claim is characterized in that the rib guide has a large opening at one end and a small opening at the other end, forming a funnel. The rib feeding device of a mask filming machine according to claim 1, characterized in that the end of the rib feeding roller is provided with a driven gear, the driven gear meshes with a transition gear, and the transition gear is separated from the ribs The driving gear on the cutting roller shaft meshes, and a sprocket is also arranged at the end of the rib slitting roller shaft. Patent Abstract A mask filming machine includes a machine table and a cloth roller stand at the right end of the machine table. The cloth roller stand is provided with cloth rollers and rib rollers. Starting from the right end of the machine table, there are The folding roller, the folding plate, the rib feeding device, the welding roller, the conveying roller, and the slitting roller. The rib feeding device has a base plate, which is fixed on the machine table of the mask punching machine. The organic body is installed on the side of the board, the left part of the front of the body is provided with a rib slitting roller, the right part is provided with a rib feeding roller, and the left side of the rib slitting roller is provided with a rib guide. A carrying plate is arranged below the rib slitting roller, and a cloth guide template parallel to the surface of the base plate is arranged at the bottom of the carrying plate, and a curling device is arranged on both sides of the left end of the cloth guide template.

Fully automatic mask Medical Devices equipment is mainly used to make three-dimensional masks. The ear straps are made of elastic cloth. After wearing it, it feels comfortable and stress-free! The main body is made of high-quality aluminum alloy with a beautiful appearance. The panel adopts hardening treatment, PLC microcomputer control, automatic tension control system, and the operation is more stable. Fully automatic mask equipment machine is compact, small footprint, small footprint, high stability, excellent performance, hopper can automatically stop, changing molds can produce masks of various sizes, aluminum alloy machine structure, strong after oxidation treatment Rusty, beautiful appearance, clean up to purification requirements, automatic tension control, and ultrasonic welding can be debugged.