At present, various places have resumed work and production. The epidemic prevention and control has reached the most critical stage, and masks are needed everywhere. Some netizens ridiculed that masks have changed from "new year goods" to "necessities."

So, what is the current status of mask production in China? Is there an excuse to cover up the country’s wealth? What will the relevant departments do? There have been positive changes in the epidemic. At this time, some people want to go out without wearing a mask. Is this desirable?

Everything about masks is here!
Don't panic! Mask production capacity is recovering

With the continuous development of the epidemic, the consumption of masks has increased significantly.

Every time a mask is produced, it will provide more safety protection for people and medical staff. Competent departments and related production companies are racing against time.

The latest data shows that as of February 7, 73% of mask companies across the country have resumed work.
In order to speed up the production of masks, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee made the deployment of

On February 12, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting to emphasize the need to strengthen the supply of medical materials, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of manufacturers of masks and medical protective clothing, speed up the resumption of production, and encourage qualified enterprises to expand or switch production.

In order to survive the most difficult period before the end of the "climbing" of mask production capacity, some companies have changed their production. At present, many companies such as BYD and Guangzhou Automobile Group have announced the production of mask production lines, which come from different industries such as automobile, medical treatment and clothing.

Please note that the 73% compound rate of return is nearly a week ago. Recently, as mask companies resume work one after another, the proportion will only increase.

Heavy penalty! Currently, how do we use excuses to cover up the country’s financial difficulties
Price fraud, price fraud, genuine, telecom fraud. Mask shortage, Yi Rong Information Network, few people come to make trouble, they moved their minds and made a fortune.

On February 12, the State Administration of Market Supervision publicly exposed the seventh batch of typical cases of illegal commodity prices related to epidemic prevention and control in various regions, many of which involved masks.

One of them is like this-
From January 23 to January 26, Guizhou Dongruntang Pharmaceutical Chain Co., Ltd. required its affiliated pharmacies to uniformly increase the price of masks, increasing the price of medical protective masks from 12.8 yuan per piece to 49 yuan for sale.

The price increase of some masks is astonishing, reaching 1,200%.

During the outbreak of new crown pneumonia in Wuhan, Lianjiang Fuben Medical Devices Co., Ltd. increased the price of disposable medical masks (50 individual packages) from 50 yuan a box to 600 yuan a box on the Tmall platform, which is the usual price 1200%.

What's more, he played the trick of the empty glove white wolf.
The Yangzhen Police Station of the Shunyi Public Security Bureau in Beijing recently uncovered a case of "selling masks through Moments after collecting money".

How do the relevant departments deal with these illegal and criminal acts?

Severe punishment according to law, heavy punishment!
The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission stated that price-related violations such as fabricating and disseminating price increase information, driving up prices, and colluding with price increases should be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law. In particular, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision of product quality, and adopt stricter penalties for the sale of counterfeit and shoddy goods in accordance with the law.

put an end to! The epidemic has improved slightly, some people do not wear masks

A meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held on the 12th believed that the current epidemic has undergone positive changes and that the prevention and control work has achieved positive results.

To say that it is supported by data-
The cure rate of new coronary pneumonia has increased significantly.

The number of newly confirmed cases in 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities outside Hubei and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps continued to decline;

The newly cured cases reached 7.7 times the new mortality rate.
The good news is exciting. However, at this time, some people are preparing to take off their masks and protective equipment and release themselves.

Is it time to relax protection?

The answer is no! no way!
About prevention and

Again, in the "epidemic" of this war, everyone is the front line of prevention and control, and they are all key links. They cannot be perfunctory or slack.

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