At present, the springs used in mattress products on the market are divided into whole mesh springs, independent springs, and partition springs. The structure of the whole net spring is connected to each other, and it is easy to interfere with the sleep of people next to each other after being stressed. In addition, the whole net spring is a whole surface type, which is difficult to fit the body curve. This kind of spring is more common in the early stage of mattress development, and now most high-end mattresses are not used. However, choosing a mattress with a whole net spring is a good choice for consumers who like to sleep hard and have no high requirements.

Independent spring is to press each spring separately into a non-woven bag, and then arrange it vertically or horizontally to make a bed net. Since each spring operates independently and does not interfere with each other, the anti-interference ability is greatly improved, and it also caters to the curve of the human body, and due to the protection of the multi-layer non-woven fabric, it is not easy to rust and has a longer service life.

Yan Huagang, R&D director of bed maker, believes: "With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, most families will choose mattresses with independent pocket spring bed nets. Independent springs can be said to be cost-effective, popular and comfortable. The degree is much higher than the whole net spring, and of course the price will be slightly higher than the whole net spring mattress."

As we all know, whether the human body is lying on its side or lying flat, the stress points are concentrated on the shoulders and hips. Therefore, the Children mattress Manufacturer divides the spring into areas and changes the diameter of the spring to achieve a more suitable support. Partition springs are more comfortable than independent springs due to the change of the spring coefficient, but for people who are not used to sleeping on soft beds, this kind of mattress is somewhat soft. Of course, the softness of the mattress does not mean that it has no support, but personal habits are different, so everyone should choose according to their sleep preferences.