In daily life, I don’t know if you have cleaned the mattress at home. I believe many people don’t know that the mattress will breed a lot of bacteria and mites after sleeping for a long time. One-third of our day is in bed, so it The degree of cleaning is related to our quality of life, so today kaen Adult mattress Supplier teaches you a homemade mattress mite removal liquid, let’s take a look.

  The first step:
   First, we prepare a container and pour white vinegar into it. The white vinegar can sterilize and remove odors and yellow stains.
   Second step:
   Then pour in the right amount of salt
  third step:
   Then pour an appropriate amount of toilet water, toilet water can inhibit the growth of mites
  the fourth step:
   Add baking soda, the baking soda has a strong decontamination ability, and then stir evenly into the watering can
  the fifth step:
Then first pat the mattress with your hands to slap off the dust on the surface of the mattress, and then spray the liquid on the mattress. When spraying, you can smell a faint fragrance of toilet water, which can effectively eliminate a large number of mites on the surface of the mattress. After spraying, let it stand for about 10 minutes
   The sixth step:
  Finally, use a hair dryer to dry the mattress, so that the whole mattress will emit a light wash. We should clean the mattress regularly every month, so that the bacteria and mites on the mattress can be effectively removed