Basic Copper Carbonate Residue Monitoring Measures in the Process of Aquaculture

Implementing effective monitoring measures in the breeding process is one of the main ways to ensure the quality and safety of aquaculture products, and it is also one of the important measures for the development of high-yield, high-quality, high-efficiency, ecological and safe aquaculture.

  1. Adhere to the principle of prevention first and treatment second. If preventive measures are in place, aquaculture diseases can be controlled. It is best to use fishery drugs as an auxiliary method. It is necessary to monitor the water quality parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, total ammonia nitrogen and nitrite, and take timely control measures based on the monitoring results to correct those that are not conducive to the growth of farmed animals. And various factors that affect its immunity, keep the probability of fish diseases to a minimum.
  2. Use national standard fishery drugs to prevent and control fish diseases. National standard fishery medicine is a fishery medicine manufacturer that has passed GMP certification. It produces fishery medicines in accordance with the national fishery medicine standards and has obtained the product approval number issued by the Ministry of Agriculture. There are 7 categories of 179 preparations (statistics as of October 2007). It is necessary to use as little or no antibiotics as possible, and use more Chinese herbal medicines, environmental modifiers and aquatic vaccines.
  3. Use fishery medicine scientifically. The medication should meet the standard requirements of "Residual Limits of Fishery Drugs in Non-Pollution Food and Aquatic Products (NY5070-2002)" and "Guidelines for the Use of Non-Pollution Food and Fishery Drugs (NY5071-2002)", so as to achieve scientific and standardized use of drugs.
  4. Strictly observe the withdrawal period system. There is a certain time requirement for the metabolism and excretion of drugs in aquatic animals. Therefore, the product should be prohibited from the market during the drug withdrawal period before the product is marketed to ensure that the drug residues fall within the required indicators and avoid the Basic Copper Chloride residue from harming human health.
  5. Improve and improve the operating procedures and production standards of aquaculture, so that the aquaculture industry can be standardized and standardized.
  6. Vigorously promote healthy and ecological breeding technologies and breeding models. Through training, publicity, guidance and other measures, the majority of aquaculture producers can consciously abide by the relevant regulations and standards for aquaculture drugs, ensure pollution-free production, and increase the quality control of the entire process of aquaculture, and promote the use of fishery drugs and the quality of aquaculture. The establishment of the traceability system has steadily improved the quality and safety of aquatic products.