In the previous article, we introduced the content of slide block manufacturing in zinc die casting die. I believe you have gained a lot after reading it, and you have a clear concept of zinc die casting die. Today, China Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer will introduce you another difficulty in zinc die casting die-ejection.

Generally, the thickness of ejector plate and retainer plate of die casting machine below 500T is 25mm, and that of ejector plate and retainer plate above 500T is 50mm and 30mm. The ejection distance is less than 30mm or the simple mold may not be provided with a pullback device. The ejector plate should be large enough to connect the four ejector rods of the die casting machine.

Size of ejector pin: as large as possible, and the minimum is 5mm-6mm. If it is not too short, use SKD61 standard ejector pin, such as: 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25mm. Ejection distance: the ejected casting is at least 6mm away from the highest point. Unless separately requested. For thin-walled parts, the thimble should not be on the surface as far as possible, but should be distributed on the rib.

Top pin hole of cavity: hole with diameter less than 12 mm, clearance 0,025/0,05 mm, clearance 0,05/0,075 mm, fitting section 25/30mm, and die steel wall thickness between holes at least 4mm, as far as possible 10 mm. Important points: the ejector pin hole and ejector plate must be kept vertical, complicated and accurate. Guide posts and guide sleeves should be set, and the ejector pin hole and ejector pin hole should be kept in a straight line. After heat treatment of the cavity, the ejector pin hole should be processed by wire cutting. The escape space between the ejector pin and the ejector pin hole cannot be contacted together. The ejector plate is fastened with M12 screws, and the interval is not more than 150 mm. When the ejector plate moves forward, it must not damage the mold and cooling water pipe.

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