The automobile industry has experienced rapid development in China, and automobile products are just the biggest users of Die Casting Manufacturer. The huge market of automobiles will greatly increase the demand for automobile die casting parts. Die casting is one of the important components of automobile parts. On average, about 10%~20% of the parts in each automobile are die casting products, and about 20% of die casting parts are produced for automobile industry every year. At present, about 5-6 million tons of die casting parts flow to automobile manufacturing and service industries every year in China.

Many key parts of automobile parts are also manufactured by die casting. Some automobile parts with complex structure, such as engine block and cylinder head, are difficult to achieve by other manufacturing methods. At the same time, the material properties of die casting can meet the service performance requirements of these parts and the price is low, which is an important reason why die casting can be used in automobile parts for a long time.

However, the application of die castings in automobiles also faces various challenges. The requirements of lightweight, energy saving and environmental protection of automobiles are not only to use Al and Mg alloys instead of cast iron materials, but also to transfer some lightweight automobile die casting products such as plastic parts and ceramic parts to die casting products; Similarly, with the improvement of automobile performance, more and more products such as crankshafts are manufactured by forgings. Thirdly, casting is an important industry that consumes energy and pollutes. Due to the requirement of energy conservation and environmental protection, the society will reject the casting industry more and more strongly, and the casting industry is facing great pressure. However, the clean casting production mode can not be realized overnight, and will bring about an increase in cost, which is the concern of die casting manufacturers.

Generally speaking, casting mainly refers to lost foam and investment casting technology. With the development of automobile die casting forming technology, casting forming is a kind of casting forming method. Die castings produced by this kind of forming method can be used directly without cutting or with little cutting. With the improvement of the dimensional accuracy of die castings, the casting forming technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and a series of new casting forming methods have emerged.

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