In order to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system of the down-the-hole impactor, the usual maintenance is very important. In order to prevent the contamination of the hydraulic oil and cause the failure of the hydraulic system, regular maintenance is very important.
1. The hydraulic system of the DTH Hammer is debugged before leaving the factory. The normal working pressure and flow rate are fully tested. Please do not touch the various valves on the hydraulic system.
2. Before construction, check the oil quantity of the hydraulic oil, whether it is within the specified scale line, if the oil quantity is insufficient, it needs to be filled to the specified range. The same hydraulic oil brand should be selected for filling. When filling, the hydraulic oil must be filled through the filter.
3. After working every day, the dust and oil on the hydraulic system should be cleaned, keeping it clean can effectively reduce the hydraulic system failure.
4. After long-term construction of the DTH impactor, the hydraulic oil will produce condensate and sediment. To prevent the hydraulic system from clogging, the hydraulic oil tank should discharge water and impurities from the bottom oil drain every 20 days of construction. The discharge should be carried out after the DTH impactor stops working for 12 hours. Open the oil drain plug at the bottom of the hydraulic oil tank to drain the oil. When the discharged oil sees clear. Tighten the oil drain plug and fill with new hydraulic oil to the specified range.
5. The oil filter element should be kept clean and replaced after 400 hours of operation.
6. All the hydraulic oil should be replaced every year. No matter how long the working time is, the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced once a year to prevent the hydraulic system from being damaged due to the deterioration of the hydraulic oil. If the construction environment is particularly harsh, the replacement time should be shortened.